MRE Ideas

MRE Ideas

We will be posting the winner soon!

More School Assemblies

Extra Science, Art, Music, and PE Assemblies and Workshops could be fun for the kids.

Climbing Wall

Adding a climbing wall in the Gym like East Elem. has.

CoderDojo This is a programming club designed for anyone 7 to 17. With our world becoming more and more involved with technology, I think it would be a great idea to teach our youth about coding/programming.


I would like to see a Makerspace created for students. This area would have supplies and materials for students to make and create real-life items. This integrates STEM, the arts, and project-based learning. Check it out:

Reflex Math

I’m proposing we spend $3295.00 on a one year subscription to Reflex Math. It’s a program that can be used to help students learn math facts in a fun video game format. It would be used by teachers in grades K-6 grade. The program assesses students skills in addition/subtraction or multiplication/division. It then designs an individualized program for them to master all their facts. I received a grant for the program and have been using it for the past year. The kids learn so fast and LOVE it! It’s like playing video games, but it’s math. The teachers in K-2 have seen it and wish their kids could do it. Learning math facts is a struggle for most kids. In third grade, students are expected to immediately start learning multiplication. Many still don’t have their addition/subtraction facts memorized. Check out for a quick video and explanation of benefits.